What Makes Us Take Action

In nature, only things happen when people
do them under pressure.  It is the pressure
that causes us to take action.

In school, remember pulling those all-nighters
to finish those term papers or to study for that
final exam?  We all knew the dates when they
were due, but the majority of us would wait until
the last minute.  When we feel the pressure to do
something, we will do it.  If there is no pressure
then we tend to not take action; we are all great

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Special Halloween Edition

In the theme of Halloween this week, I am writing a special Halloween Edition.

On occasion I have been asked, “How does Money on Your Terms
work for couples?”  My answer: All the fundamentals and steps
work the same.  You just work to get rid of the Y in Your and make
it Our.  When couples are able to focus on their money in terms
of a financial team, they are more likely to create the life they’ve
always been dreaming about together.

Let’s face it, money is the number … Read More

What Happened To the Kid In You?

Remember back when you were a kid?  You wanted
that new toy from the toy store, to eat that piece of
candy before dinner and feel like a grown up by
staying up past your bedtime.  And how where
you able to accomplish all this?  You negotiated
with your parents.  You mastered the art of negotiation
during childhood.

In the majority of countries around the world, it is
a common business practice to negotiate.  Even the
hot noodle lunch from the local street vendor
is negotiable.  It depends on how … Read More

There Are No Shortcuts to Wealth

In our culture today, everyone wants the quick fix
and easy route. We live in an age that if instant results
don’t happen we give up and look for something else
that might get us there a whole lot quicker.  Sure, I would
like the easy way in life, but I have to accept the fact that
‘If it was so easy, everyone would be doing it.’  This holds
true too as you are building wealth. There are no shortcuts,
no get rich quick schemes.  The majority of people come… Read More

The Easy Way to Save for Retirement

Time races by so fast!

The same thing happens when trying to fund a retirement
account.  The years go by so fast and people end up playing
catch up while they try to save for retirement.  We believe
there is always enough time to save, but procrastination is
a major factor that keeps our retirement accounts on empty.
Before people realize it, they’re scratching their heads
wondering why they didn’t save for their golden years.

The National Institute on Retirement Security did a study
on working-age households in the U.S. … Read More

Have Money Work for You

How many people really enjoy going to a job 5 days a week?

We know the stats:
80% are unhappy at work
20% love their work

I used to be a member of the 80% club when I had to
work to make money. I was programmed to get an education,
get my foot in the door, and work my way up the corporate
ladder and live for today by spending my hard earned money.
Well, I tried that path, and trust me, this path got old after:

Hitting the … Read More

How to Prepare for a Financial Emergency

Are you finances in order to handle those financial emergencies
while you are making other plans?

According to a survey conducted by the National Foundation
for Credit Counseling, 64% of Americans don’t have enough cash
on hand to handle a $1,000 emergency.

I don’t want it to rain on anyone’s parade, but you never know when:

That car transmission will go out
That lay off from your job becomes a reality
You get sick and can not return to work for the foreseeable future

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Impulse Buying Gone Bad

Have you ever walked into the local mall
looking to buy one item and then found
yourself walking back to your car with bags
full of stuff you never anticipated buying.

I definitely have…

How does it happen?  Blame it on the impulse buy.

Impulse buying is common behavior in the world, today.

Businesses know how to activate every cell
of our 5 senses to trigger our muscles to purchase
on impulse.

Making that impulsive purchase feels good in
the moment, however, the thrill is short lived when
you look … Read More

Seminar Scams “I Have a Dream for You”

I felt energized to write this special report this week.

How Seminar Scammers are targeting vulnerable
people into buying their worthless courses and
mastermind programs to the tune of $10,000 to $100,000.

Last week all the headlines read about how
Trump University was a fraud.  The Attorney General
of New York filed a law suit against Donald Trump
for promising to make students rich but instead
maneuvered them into expensive and useless
seminars that caused financial hardship to many.

I attended the introduction seminar of Trump University
in Woodland Hills, … Read More

The Plague of Co-signing

The worst is yet to come…

This is the trend when co-signing for someone that otherwise
would not be able to qualify for a loan on their own.

But wait a minute – What if?

There is no if, ands, or buts…  Period.

When you Co-sign with another person you are flirting with
dangerous waters. There is no way out once the ink dries
from your signature on the contract.

Now some of you are probably thinking:

Are you having a bad day, Tim?

I want to help my Read More