Have Money Work for You

How many people really enjoy going to a job 5 days a week?

We know the stats:
80% are unhappy at work
20% love their work

I used to be a member of the 80% club when I had to
work to make money. I was programmed to get an education,
get my foot in the door, and work my way up the corporate
ladder and live for today by spending my hard earned money.
Well, I tried that path, and trust me, this path got old after:

Hitting the snooze button at 4:30 am
Jumping in the shower still half asleep
Throwing on the suit Driving in traffic
Dealing with my boss
Working hard throughout the day at a place I did not want to be at
And then driving back home in traffic only to do it again for another
four days each week.

I thought to myself: ‘There’s got to be a better way’.
The better way came once I found out how rich
people make money. It really boils down to two ways
of working: Broke people work hard, spend all their
money as fast as they get it and have to work harder
the rest of their life. They continue to live paycheck to paycheck,
car payment to car payment, and credit card payment to
credit card payment. Rich people, on the other hand, work smarter
by loving what they do, take a portion of their money to invest it
in income producing sources and eventually money works
for them in the future.

After realizing this and doing the daily grind, I decided
to focus my energy on the way rich people do it. Once the light
bulb went off, I wanted a piece of the action just like them.
So I educated myself on every aspect of having money
work for me.  I wanted options and you better believe the
daily grind was my motivation to find those options!

Once I started to have money work for me, I found that
it works harder than I ever could work and it works for
me 24/7. There are a gazillion forces out there steering
you away from having money work for you.  Don’t buy into them.
The best part is you can start small– $1 is all it takes to open
a savings account at a bank.  With another $1 you can
open a brokerage account and get the ball rolling of
investing in Mutual Funds or Dividend Paying stocks.  Just type
discount brokerage in a Google, MSN or Yahoo! search
to get a list of different firms.

To learn about how the stock market works, you can
take free investment classes at your local discount broker’s office.
They have ongoing educatioal classes to help their clients
understand investing so they can make better informed decisions.
Now, a one-time $1 investment is not going to change your
financial picture.  But consistently saving and investing will
develop your confidence that money really can work for you.

There’s never a better time than now. Set up your Freedom Plan today.

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