A good habit to get into on the road to building wealth.

Looking back on my success with money,
there is one important characteristic that
has worked for me over the years, and that
is having RESPECT for it.

How do you treat your money?  Are you
taking care of it, or do your behaviors
and actions make it disappear from
your life?

You will most likely not find this attribute
taught in books about building wealth.
Usually, you will find ideas on how to
get rich in real estate and the stock market,
or how to succeed in business.  The information… Read More

Why they call it currency and what it can do for you

Currency represents money.  Paper bills and coins
are currency.  There are trillions of dollars circulating
through the global monetary system.  The amount
of cash that the public holds varies seasonally, by
the day of the month, and even by the day of the

For example, people demand a large amount of
cash for shopping and vacations during the
year-end holiday season.  People also typically
withdraw cash at ATMs over the weekend, so
there is more cash in circulation on Monday than
on Friday according to the Federal Reserve Bank… Read More

How does your self worth reflect your net worth?

How do you feel about your life right now?  Do you feel powerful?
Do you actually like yourself?  Do you care about what others
think of you?

You are probably wondering what this has to do with money.
It actually has everything to do with money.  Let me explain.
Last week, I mentioned that I would go into detail about the
philosophies of Money on Your Terms so you could have
an in-depth view on how to apply them to your own life.

What can a philosophy do for you?  … Read More

The Philosophy of a Super Bowl-winning Coach

Did you watch the Super Bowl XLVIII?

If you did, you saw the Seattle Seahawks totally
dominate the Denver Broncos.  What you did not
see is what happened behind the scenes with
the Seahawks.

Pete Carroll, coach of the Seattle Seahawks,
used his Winforever philosophy and principles
to prepare and execute a winning game plan.
If you listened to Pete’s post-game interviews,
you can hear him mention some of his philosophies
like “It’s all about the ball” and “Finish”.

I was first exposed to his winning philosophy when
I met … Read More

The Hidden Power That Will Make You Rich.

During the month of January, I have been going over
the key habits and values that are important in wealth
creation.  I could give you all the tips and strategies on
money, but nothing will work until you implement these
behaviors into your life.  When it comes to having money,
it is 90% behavioral and 10% implementation.

So I would like to continue this week by highlighting
the capacity within you that can accelerate your
behaviors with money, thus enabling you to bring your
hopes and dreams into reality.

Champion … Read More

The #1 Behavior That Will Bring Wealth Into Your Life

What is one of the most important things you can do
to become wealthy in life?

You might think that you need a great investment strategy,
to invest in real estate, be the next CEO of your company,
or invent a new Internet technology.  Although all of these
are great ways to wealth, it all rests on your behaviors in life.
That behavior is keeping your promises.  Without promises,
the world would not go around.  They are what make a society
function as a whole, whether someone is promising a … Read More

What Stops People from Achieving Success.

To start 2014 off on a good note, I want to talk about persevering
through life so you can accomplish your resolutions and goals
this year.  In the last blog post, I talked about taking things one day
at a time in order to follow your resolutions.  This post, I would like
to discuss what stops people from having success and what you
can do make this year your year.

John Lennon, one of my personal favorite song writers of all time,
said this about life: “Life happens Read More

The Daily Steps to Your Resolutions

I hope the holidays brought you much happiness
that will continue throughout the year.  Now is
the time where everyone starts fresh through their
New Year’s resolutions.  Looking ahead, things seem
promising, and most of the population starts with
the same resolutions each year.

Here is a list of the top ten resolutions, according to USA.gov.

• Lose Weight
• Volunteer to Help Others
• Quit Smoking
• Get a Better Education
• Get a Better Job
• Save Money
• Get Fit
• Eat Healthy Food
• Manage Stress… Read More

How to Handle a Financial Bully

Although it is the most wonderful time of the year,
some people want to spoil it.  Don’t let the Grinch
that stole Christmas ruin it for you.

The headlines these days are spattered with news
about bullying.  Typically it’s a problem among children
and teens that seems to be reported daily in the news.
However, there is another form of bullying that exists
in our society, and that is financial bullying.

Have you ever been up against a financial bully
in your life?  Many professionals think financial
bullying is a … Read More

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

How was your Thanksgiving?

I had a special Thanksgiving celebration with 20 family
members.  Great food, drinks, and the traditional pumpkin pie.
As we finished dinner, each of us went around the
room and shared what we were thankful for.  I said
I was grateful for my health, family and then I mentioned
that I am grateful for not having a job.  Everyone laughed.
Seriously, I am grateful that I’m doing something I love;
educating and coaching people about all aspects of money.

We are now entering the most wonderful … Read More