There Are No Shortcuts to Wealth

In our culture today, everyone wants the quick fix
and easy route. We live in an age that if instant results
don’t happen we give up and look for something else
that might get us there a whole lot quicker.  Sure, I would
like the easy way in life, but I have to accept the fact that
‘If it was so easy, everyone would be doing it.’  This holds
true too as you are building wealth. There are no shortcuts,
no get rich quick schemes.  The majority of people come
from a place where they haven’t learned the value of patience
in their lives, and will give up on their dream of being wealthy
way too early because they’re convinced that their dream
needs to come right away.

Have you ever eaten instant oatmeal or Cup a Noodle soup?
You needed something in a hurry to satisfy your hunger.
After eating it though, it really didn’t seem that satisfying.
You missed out on having the real thing.  Well, there
are a lot of instant, get rich quick opportunities out there
trying to satisfy your appetite of being rich.  They’re not the
real thing either.  Don’t fall for their shortcut promises.

I will be the first to tell you that I used to be the most
impatient person on earth.  I wanted instant gratification, felt
entitled and had the ‘I deserve it NOW’ attitude.  I tried several
shortcuts on my way to building wealth and found them to be
the Cup a Noodle approach; not that satisfying.  After too many
days of eating Cup a Noodle soup, I finally realized that the
shortcuts would actually take me longer.  The two ingredients
that I was missing were: Patience and consistency.

Have you ever heard the quote, “Life is a marathon, not a sprint’
by Dr. Phil?  The same is true for building wealth.
It’s: Your Money, Your Life.  Think of it as running a marathon
instead of trying to complete the 100 meter sprint as fast
as you can.  Slow and steady is the ticket in this financial race.

– Building wealth through dividend paying stocks or mutual
funds requires a plan of consistent contributions.

– Building wealth through real estate requires
consistently finding great deals on properties.

– Building wealth through a business requires
consistently working with your niche and brand to
provide the best value to your customers.

And all three require a whole lot of patience along the way.

Now, it will seem like nothing is happening for a while
and the immediate results that we all hunger for will be
lacking.  However, by building something consistently
and patiently you are putting in motion something that
will take off down the road.

So as you are building wealth, remember this is
a marathon-not a sprint.  What you consistently do now
will pay off in the future and ultimately be more for your
benefit than jumping into something short-lived today.

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