The Mission Impossible of Lending Money to Others

In the theme of back to school season, let’s continue our education
with learning the mistakes people are making with their Money.

Has a friend or relative every asked you the sensitive question?
“Is it possible you can lend me some money?”

Or maybe you have been at a family gathering or party and someone
is talking about the loan they were currently shopping for. You just
downed your second drink and as the alcohol is starting to kick in you say,

“Why don’t you borrow the money from me?”… Read More

What Does It Cost You When You Don't Have a Handle on Your Money?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had Warren Buffett’s wealth?

You could easily spend over $100k every day
and not even think twice about it.

I am sure that Buffet controls his spending
and has good accounting principles in place, anyways.
That is why he is one of the richest persons in the world.

But not everyone has money under control.

Recently, in the Michael Jackson wrongful death
case against AEG, it was revealed by a forensic
accountant, William Ackerman, that Michael was
spending several million dollars more than what… Read More

Mistake # 3 – Taking on Too Much Debt

Last week we talked about the ramifications of how
keeping up with the Joneses is costing people a
whole host of problems down the road.

This week, I will discuss the mistakes people are
making with debt and point out some of the danger
signs that show up when you have too much.

Mistake # 3: Taking on Too Much Debt

I found this week’s e-Newsletter a bit of a challenge
to write because society has enrolled everyone in
taking on their share of debt.  We are basically
conditioned to … Read More

Dangerous Mistake # 2

Mistake # 2: Keeping up with the Joneses

This phrase means striving to have all the new
things that your neighbors have and maintain a
certain social standing.

Here is some history on where this phrase came from:

I looked up the phrase on and found that it
became popular when a comic strip of the same name
was created by cartoonist Arthur R. “Pop” Momand.
The strip debuted in 1913, distributed by Associated

By September 1915, a cartoon film of the same name
was touring US cinemas.… Read More

Avoid the 10 Most Dangerous Mistakes

Let me ask you a question…

Let’s say I gave you the 10 most dangerous mistakes
people are making with their money. 
 Would you be
willing to take corrective action to eliminate them
from your life?

Or if you are not currently making these mistakes,
would you like to refresh them to memory and promise
to avoid them like the plague?

Over the next several weeks, I will write on the blog
the mistakes people are making with their money.

What I found works best when I coach clients is … Read More


Congratulations to Phil Mickelson for winning the 2013 Open Championship.
He is a class act showing us what perseverance and beating the odds are
all about. He has been close so many times, failed too much, and lived
through the heartaches, but in the end he took home the ultimate prize
the Claret Jug signifying he is a champion.… Read More

Eliminate The Chaotic Frenzy

Is it possible to be in control of your money with the
chaotic frenzy that accompanies the demands we face each day?

With trying to make a buck, maintaining your relationships,
managing your household, and driving your kids to the
next soccer practice, who has time to keep track of finances?

Would you believe the Credit Card industry loves our chaotic
lifestyle?  They love the way we buy on emotion to medicate that
chaos with purchases that go on the card and then we are so busy,
we are late … Read More

Have the End in Mind

When living a life with Money on your terms,
it is about executing the right steps to take
complete control of your life and money.
This includes having your affairs in order
upon death so you can transfer your estate
easily to loved ones. For this to happen,
you want to have a will, describing in detail
how you would like your stuff to be distributed.
If you die without a will, then the courts
decide who gets your possessions. When there
are young children involved and no will was… Read More

Tom Cruise’s, “SHOW ME THE MONEY!”

When it comes to investing in the financial markets,
it starts with taking a stance to gain control of your
investment decisions.  The financial markets can be
volatile at times.  To eliminate some of that volatility,
we look for all-star businesses listed on the stock
exchanges that can show us the money in the
form of continuously producing a dividend.

Everyone remembers Tom Cruise’s character in
the movie Jerry Maguire. Jerry calls one of his
clients, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver
Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding, Jr.), who is
unhappy with his … Read More

How to Find Your Dividend Mantra

Welcome to another issue of Money on Your Terms.

The past couple weeks I have been focusing
on how to invest in dividend paying stocks to
give you the edge in creating wealth.  This week
I will continue the journey by looking at another
key indicator to use to find those stellar businesses
that produce solid dividends. In the last sentence
I said stellar businesses not stocks. Remember,
we are looking for solid companies instead
of a stock price on the financial exchanges.

One of the most important parts of … Read More