The Simplicity of Saving Money

save money

Current statistics show the alarming number of people who live paycheck to
paycheck with no savings at all. Unfortunately, saving money is not the norm
in our society.

What a time to be bringing this topic up when the holiday shopping season is
about to kickoff. The billions of advertisements are hitting the media airways
telling consumers where to spend their money. It is that time of year to go
to the auto malls, shopping malls, and internet malls to spend hard earned
dollars. Spending money is in the air.

Even though it is the holiday season, I would like to plant the seed in your
mind that saving money should be just as important as spending money.

I was fortunate that I had a Grandmother who ingrained this same concept
within me. Each Christmas my Grandmother Emily would give me money as
a Christmas gift. She would write on the Christmas card to put the money
into the bank, and then she would also tell me in person. I was being
coached on how to save money and did not even know it. I had other
thoughts of what to do with the money, like buy a new gadget, an accessory
for my car, or a new pair of skies I had my eyes on. I was part of the norm
of wanting to spend.

Since her Christmas gift was in the form of a check, I needed to take it to
the bank to cash it. However, I never cashed it; I followed her pearls of
wisdom and kept it in the bank. Thus, I formed the habit of saving money.

You CAN do this, too. You owe it to yourself.

Make saving money a priority in your life. Make it feel good. Get committed
to saving money. Just the thought of saving money may sound like a dread.
However, once you get started it no longer becomes a dread. The beautiful
thing is you can start with a small amount and as you get more comfortable
doing it, it becomes second nature.

Give yourself the ultimate gift this holiday season. Start the trend of saving
money in your life.

Let’s do this.

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