Change your thinking

In the media you find that there is a negative presence when it comes to big banks in the US.   How bad they are! How they took advantage of everyone! How the government bailed them out!

If you buy into the media and society’s thinking then you will continue to be the victim to the big banks.  If you change your thinking to ways where you can make money from the big banks and wall street then you are not a victim anymore.  It is Money on Your Terms

Today, Goldman Sachs, the darling of Wall Street, increased their dividend today from .46 cents to .50 cents share.  If you owed Goldman Sachs you would have more money coming in.   Furthermore, Vikram Pandit resigned from Citibank which could be a plus since nothing was moving under Pandit ‘s leadership.

In Conclusion, look at ways that the big banks can work for you.  Reduce your debt and make your money work by investing in the stock market.


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