What to do When the Financial Markets Hit an All-time High

The U.S. stock market is experiencing all-time highs right now. It is an exciting time to be in the markets, but it is not without its challenges. When making investment decisions with our money, it can be a bit confusing, frightening, and time-consuming. We have the option to invest on our own, follow a friend or family member’s recommendation, subscribe to an investment service, or seek out an investment advisor.

Since the markets are at record highs, it can be tempting to jump in. Basic psychology shows that everyone gets … Read More

Do You Check for Errors in Your Monthly Bills?

Do you ever bother to look at your utility bill, cell phone bill, cable bill or credit card statements to see if your charges are accurate?

With the advent of automatic bill payment, it’s only easier for us to stop looking at our monthly bills entirely.

Errors do occur from time to time, and they’re usually not in our favor. You may get an electric bill that is normal for the Brady Bunch family, but there’s no way it is right for just you and your spouse. Maybe your cable … Read More

What We Can Learn From the 25 Game-Changers

The month of April is coming to an end and we can put the tax season behind us. To end the month on a positive note, I found a piece on CNBC where they picked the 25 most profound people who made an impact on business and finance since 1989 in celebration of their 25 years on the air. Think of the world 25 years ago and compare it to the present. There was no Internet, iPhone, Google or Facebook. Not even a Starbucks on every corner.

I just read … Read More

The Inspiration of Cartoon Character Dilbert

The Inspiration of Cartoon Character Dilbert

This past weekend, I spoke at a Toastmasters International District Conference event. The inspirational speech I delivered was well received, so I thought I would share it with you this week. It is always good to receive inspiration as we work on achieving something in life.

I found a motivational quote from the comic strip Dilbert. The comic strip is known for its satirical office humor about a white-collar, micromanaged office featuring the titular engineer Dilbert. Dilbert appears online and in 2000 newspapers worldwide … Read More

How Would You Grade Yourself on Your Finances?

National Financial Literacy Month is here…

If you were going to grade yourself on your knowledge
of personal finance, how high would it be?

Would it be an A, B, C, D, F?

41% of American adults give themselves C, D, or F on
their knowledge of personal finance, according to a 2014
survey conducted by the National Foundation for
Credit Counseling (NFCC)

The NFCC provides an annual overview of the
American consumer’s level of financial literacy,
and also increases awareness of behavioral
and attitudinal trends associated with personal finance.… Read More

What Lifestyle Would You Like to Live?

April Fools’ Day happened yesterday.
This day has been popular since medieval
times, where people play practical jokes
and hoaxes on each other. It is amazing
to see the creativity involved with the
jokes taking place. Did you hear about
the one where a teenager stuffed
doughnuts with mayonnaise and gave
them to his friends?

It is a good time to write this piece
since many things appear to be
different than what they actually are.
It’s the same with money — people look
like they are wealthier than they… Read More

The Freedom of Having a Billion Dollars

Last week, I talked about the Billion $ Bracket
Challenge that Warren Buffett was funding. Well,
Buffett is probably sleeping better at night since
he was relieved of paying out the billion to the
contestant who would have won if they picked
the perfect winning bracket for the NCAA 64
team basketball championship. My dream of
winning the money vanished when Dayton
upset Ohio State 60-59 the first day of the
tournament. A second day of upsets ended
everyone’s chances of winning it all.

Wouldn’t it feel great to win … Read More

The Investing Madness

March Madness is here.  Have you made your
64 college basketball team picks?

Warren Buffett is insuring the Billion $ Bracket Challenge
if you can pick the perfect winning bracket.  The good
news is it’s free to enter and you have nothing to lose.
The not-so-good news is that your chances of winning
are a quintillion to one.  I never knew there was such
a word, quintillion, which is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,
or 1 followed by 18 zeros.  Maybe someone will break
the odds.  I hope it is you.

Buffett is the … Read More

Visioning Your Way to More Money

Update:  A few weeks ago, I wrote a newsletter
regarding The Hidden Power that will Make You Rich.
The theme of the newsletter was visualizing.  In the
piece, I shared with you a success story from one
of my clients who used visualizing under my
guidance to advance his career. His focus was
on making a new cultural change within his company.

Each night, he set a clear picture of the changes
he wanted to see in his mind.  Within a very short
time period, his boss met with … Read More

The Cold, Hard Truth about Money

Have you ever wondered what the truth
of money is about?  Here it is:

Being honest has always been
the key to making money in the world.

You will never hear this broadcasted
on the nightly news or printed in
your local paper.  We are constantly
bombarded with messages of how
the wealthy cut corners to stay
ahead and undermine the little guy.
This is the opposite of the truth.

This brings us to our fourth philosophy
of Money on Your Terms:

I do what is honorable with
my life
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