The Student Loan Bubble is Ready to Burst

Student Loan Debt

Outstanding student loan debt stands at 1.2 trillion and continues to grow at an alarming rate. Is the bubble ready to burst on this epidemic? Tuition costs are over-inflated. The main reason for tuition cost being so high is people have easy access to borrow the money to fund their education.

Billionaire Mark Cuban appeared on CNBC the other day discussing this crisis and how it is affecting the economy. Cuban proposes this:

The best way to fix the student loan bubble is to limit the allotted amount of Read More

How to Avoid a Financial Mistake

Where you are at today financially is a combination of all the financial decisions you’ve made up to this point in your life. Most people have never been taught about finances; furthermore, very few have had any type of financial coaching. Money has been something we just learned about along the way. Sometimes that learning experience becomes very costly because of the lack of knowledge or poor planning we often do before making a financial decision. I will be the first to admit that I have made my share of … Read More

How to Fight Fair about Money

When was the last time you had a disagreement or argument about money? Money conflicts are normal in any relationship, however with most couples it’s how they handle the fight that makes the difference between continuous harmony or disharmony.

When working with couples, I often find that it is how they are communicating about money issues that causes the friction. Most of the time butting heads can be avoided if the couple simply worked on better communication.

Here are some tips to help you work through those heated discussions so … Read More

How to Easily Save Money

As a financial coach I find too many people have a lack of savings to bring financial stability to their lives. Has anyone ever taught you how to save money? That’s a key element in having money work on your terms!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we are all great at spending money. Corporations through media advertising have conditioned us to spend all our hard earned money on their products. Most of our thoughts throughout the day are consumed with ideas of what we can buy with our … Read More

Quick Tips for Money Smart Vacationing

The 4th of July holiday kicked off the traveling season on a strong note. An estimated 41 million people hit the road and took to the skies for the holiday weekend, according to auto club AAA. I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe 4th.

When it comes to traveling and vacationing, how many people really budget for how much it will cost when it is all said and done? Do you sit down and estimate the total cost or just wing it? With the old reliable credit card in … Read More

How to Assemble a World Cup Team for your Finances

The World Cup is under way. Do you have World Cup fever like the rest of us?  Soccer fans around the world have been waiting for this event as it rolls around every four years. This sporting event is the most widely viewed and followed event in the world. An estimated billion people rooting for their countries will be watching the matches. That is a lot of people cheering.

Which team will be the next World Champion, bringing home the World Cup trophy from a field of 32 teams?

To … Read More

It’s That Time of Year Again for Graduates…

It is graduation season. Many families have been planning for their child’s graduation. The invitations where sent out, the grad gifts purchased and the party is ready after the commencement and ceremony. These are exciting times for kids as it develops their self esteem and gives them a sense of accomplishment. The parents are proud to see the diploma in hand and pose for the photo that will inevitably be posted on Facebook for everyone to like.

Whatever level of education your child is graduating at, it is as good … Read More

The Problems with Couples and Money

We all know the facts about couples and money. Money creates tension between the two love birds. When are couples going to stop going down the same path and start moving toward a better financial future with one another? It has become sort of a cliché that relationships end because of money issues. But these issues could be avoided if couples had a better understanding and education on how to make a financial relationship work.

When looking behind the scenes of couples, you usually find two people with two different … Read More

What to do When the Financial Markets Hit an All-time High

The U.S. stock market is experiencing all-time highs right now. It is an exciting time to be in the markets, but it is not without its challenges. When making investment decisions with our money, it can be a bit confusing, frightening, and time-consuming. We have the option to invest on our own, follow a friend or family member’s recommendation, subscribe to an investment service, or seek out an investment advisor.

Since the markets are at record highs, it can be tempting to jump in. Basic psychology shows that everyone gets … Read More

Do You Check for Errors in Your Monthly Bills?

Do you ever bother to look at your utility bill, cell phone bill, cable bill or credit card statements to see if your charges are accurate?

With the advent of automatic bill payment, it’s only easier for us to stop looking at our monthly bills entirely.

Errors do occur from time to time, and they’re usually not in our favor. You may get an electric bill that is normal for the Brady Bunch family, but there’s no way it is right for just you and your spouse. Maybe your cable … Read More