Time to Make Learning Finances Fun

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When it comes to finances, there are a lot of big scary financial words that are not easy to understand. You may not know what your credit score is, or what it means to default on your loans. It’s easy to make mistakes with your finances when you don’t understand them. That’s why nationwide, we dedicate the month of April as Financial Literacy Month. Let’s make
learning Finances Fun.

The focus of Financial Literacy Month is to make sure that people understand basic things about their finances, and provide resources … Read More

You’re Not A-Loan: Challenges for Students With Loan Debt

Student loan debt causes major problems for today’s young singles and couples with college degrees. According to the Wall Street Journal, the average student carries a debt of a little more than $35,000. That’s a lot of money to pay back. Even when people find jobs right out of college, it is tough to learn how to adjust spending habits to pay back loans while living within their means.

What’s more, it can be nearly impossible for couples to save money for marriage between the monthly student loan payments, car … Read More

The Secret behind your Spending Habits

Imagine if someone said that you have 60 minutes to solve your money problems, and that if you do, you would be given 25 million dollars. Ready. Set. Go.

This deal seems easy and accomplishable, but most people would ultimately fail. They wouldn’t know where to start. They would be completely lost.

You Hold The Key To Your Solution

But ironically, you hold the key to your financial solution. All you have to do is find out your money personality, which financial coach Jordan E. Goodman created to help people … Read More

Season for Saving

Spring is the beginning of wedding season: the time when many couples get engaged and start planning for marriage. Having a “ring by spring” can be really exciting, and it’s easy to get caught up in all of the wedding planning. It’s so easy, in fact, that couples can overlook the importance of saving money for marriage.

Wedding costs have hit an all time high, according to a Real Weddings Study done by The Knot. Many couples dream of having a grand wedding, with the bride walking down the aisle … Read More

Fire the Divorce Attorney

In every relationship, money is a major focal point and stressor. It is no secret that money is a leading cause of divorce in our country. There is a strange phenomena in our society because couples treat money like a taboo, a subject not to be touched. The reality is money is the thing couples should focus on proactively together because so much of the problems that stem from poor financial management can be easily prevented.

Money has a negative connotation in a relationship and ultimately leads to a divide … Read More

Spring Clean Your Debt

Spring is in the air, and that means many people are cleaning out their homes and eliminating excess clutter. Unfortunately, houses are not the only areas that become messy; finances do too. As credit balances grow and interest begins to amass, it can be tempting to ignore debt and continue paying only the minimum toward balances.

However, it is important to view money as a tool. Even if you can easily afford the payments on your debt balances, you are still wasting valuable resources that could be used to build … Read More

What to Do with Your Tax Refund in 2015

April 15th, Tax Day, is fast approaching.

Congratulations to those of you that have already have successfully filed your taxes.

If you haven’t filed your taxes yet, it is a good time now to gather all your documents and schedule a session with your tax preparer or get the necessary forms from www.irs.gov if you are a do-it-yourself type.

Last year’s average refund was $3,100, so maybe this is a good motivator to get it done. Once you are done, hopefully you can celebrate with a nice check from Uncle … Read More

The First Step to Getting Out of Debt

Way to go on at least reading this about taking the first step. In order to start the process of getting out of debt, the best advice I can give you is to put the brakes on using debt to pay for your lifestyle. Other than having a home mortgage, all other forms of debt should be stopped.

See, if you continue to use credit cards, get a car loan for you cars, fund college with student loans and use the other thousands of loan products out there, you are … Read More

Spend Less and Save More in 2015

Learn How to Save Money

What is your New Year’s Resolution?

A large percentage of the population sets course in the new year to spend less and save more. The excitement starts on January 1, with the hope of finally doing it this year. Within a couple of weeks, the hope starts to fizzle away – life happens to them. The resolution never gets off the ground. Then, for the next 350 days, life happens to them until the new year rolls around again.

There is a way to get off the hamster wheel and … Read More

The Simplicity of Saving Money

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Current statistics show the alarming number of people who live paycheck to
paycheck with no savings at all. Unfortunately, saving money is not the norm
in our society.

What a time to be bringing this topic up when the holiday shopping season is
about to kickoff. The billions of advertisements are hitting the media airways
telling consumers where to spend their money. It is that time of year to go
to the auto malls, shopping malls, and internet malls to spend hard earned
dollars. Spending money is in the air.… Read More